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About Us ( One2One ) was born out of an idea that everyday folks should be able to participate in

  1.  inexpensive storage
  2.  making an extra income on unused space

There are five main facets to One2One.

  1. The ability to store in stackable, lockable, trunks. By using this method, we can offer as little, or as much, space as needed, without charging for wasted space.
  2. The ability to lease space in an existing home or business by the entire room
  3. The ability to lease outdoor space in a home or business
  4. The ability to lease an available parking space in a private residence or business either short term or long term
  5. The ability to lease unused desk space in an office to an individual

The only entity that a storage/parking/ desk space leaser will interact with is One2One.

The only entity a storage/parking/desk space user will interact with is One2one.

Each of these 5 facets to One2One, above, will make an extra income available to homeowners or small businesses as well as provide inexpensive storage, parking, or desk space to the users.

Our intent is to allow each and every homeowner to become an entrepreneur.

Extra garage space, yard space,  extra parking space, or extra desk space instantly becomes a profit center.

As the cost of living rises, we are all looking for new ways to earn an extra income.
 We encourage you to join the One2One team as either a user or renter today!
Our Mission

Providing an inexpensive, secure, dry, clean storage space to fit all your requirements. At the same time earning an extra income for the storage space owner.

Our Vision
As the world becomes less and less a brick and mortar type of business world, many people will
find themselves in need of an extra income. Our goal is to provide that extra income without any extra investment for the home entrepreneur.
Storage for residential and commercials

Stephen M. Burdick

Steve is a longtime businessman, working in a totally unrelated business. As a storage user, he got frustrated with the lack of space available for a price he felt was reasonable. After looking for alternatives and finding none, One2One was born as a concept.

Anthony P. Bazan

Tony is an accomplished businessman who comes from the corporate field.  Anthony and Stephen have worked closely together on a previous venture. Anthony will provide a mature, guiding hand as the CEO of One2One.

Barry Adams

Of Counsel
Barry is a principle in the firm of Adams and Rafferty. Barry provides legal back up for the team.

We strive to provide the following;

  • Secure, inexpensive storage with a minimum of hassle.
  • Secure parking, at a reasonable price, with a minimum of hassle.
  • Safe, inexpensive, work spaces with a minimum of hassle.

Features & Benefits